Hebrew Bible Dictionary App Reviews

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Not worth it!!!

I believe when you purchase a biblical app, all advertisements should not be on there. This makes me angry. I'm trying to get closer to Yah and I have to see these annoying advertisements. Not a good thing.


downloaded this app and nothing in it HELP.

Angry customer

Please! Please!! Put the app back how it was. This update stinks!! It's not accurate at all. When you study the word of God it must be very accurate, and this new update is not. I will be deleting this app from my phone. Thank you.


This app looked promising, but you have to search with transliteration. You cannot copy and paste Hebrew. Also, you have to know the root, thus need an intimate knowledge of Hebrew. Not worth it. I deleted this app and would like a refund.

Not helpful

Does not function as stated. Was unable to search in English. Not useful if you do not know the Hebrew language. I want a refund!

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